The brand T I N G was created in Ibiza by Tanja Ting.

Tanja’s collection is a beautiful mix of feminine and effortless styles that will take you on a romantic journey through the calm island life.

After 20 years in Ibiza she was inspired by the warm summer breeze, the dancing sunlight on the Mediterranean sea and fresh lemonade. 

Every design is carefully tailored and made with love in Ibiza from dead stock fabric which makes it more sustainable. But that also means that their is a limited amount of each textile and therefor are many of the styles one-off pieces.

Every design is made in high quality textile made by skilled artisans using traditional time-consuming processes, which Tanja sources mainly from Japan.


  • Hi

    I am looking to relocate to ibiza with my husband and 3 children. My husband would work in the uk on projects. I’d love to hear your take on life on ibiza? What “type” of person families live in ibiza?

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Andrea Moore

  • Kære Tanja,
    Vi vil meget gerne forære dig en Cat poster fra Nofred. (Vi har skrevet sammen på insta) Lad mig vide hvilken adresse så sender vi
    Kh Signe



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