Welcome to a sneak peak of my everyday life on an island in the Mediterranean sea.

My name is Tanja Ting, I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark an early morning in November 1979.

I moved with my husband to Ibiza in 2004 where we created two lovely children and a wonderful life in the countryside.

Our tiny farm is located in the north of the island. Where we live off grid with our own water and a house running on solar power. Which was a challenge in the beginning but we now got the hang of it.

My veggie garden is much smaller than I was dreaming off but at least I started and I am sure it will grow with time.

Our chickens are happy egg layers giving us delicious eggs every day and the rooster is making sure the girls are safe.

Zafi our 4.5 kg big dog, whom we found abandoned alongside the road the 21st of October 2016. Is taking her job as a guard dog very seriously. Well at least she makes a great alarm bell!

We are also blessed with Anya and Tyson, mother and son, our two cats who makes sure the mice stays out  of the house…Or at least Tyson does. Anya prefers to sleep all day and have herself a good belly rub.

Beside walking around the land in my clogs pretending to be a farmer. Then I’m busy with training, writing, keeping the house, garden and being a mother.

I also love healthy food and I love to eat a lot of it, so much that I wrote a cook book called Pure Goodness. 

I also wrote a very funny novel called Mrs Ibiza with my dear friend Ylwa.


With love from

Tanja aka TT


  1. Andrea


    I am looking to relocate to ibiza with my husband and 3 children. My husband would work in the uk on projects. I’d love to hear your take on life on ibiza? What “type” of person families live in ibiza?

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Andrea Moore

  2. Kære Tanja,
    Vi vil meget gerne forære dig en Cat poster fra Nofred. (Vi har skrevet sammen på insta) Lad mig vide hvilken adresse så sender vi
    Kh Signe

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