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Mrs Ibiza

Ylwa Warghusen-Usher and I just published Mrs Ibiza, a new Ibiza satire… Janet Smith quits her job as a fashion editor in the city and moves to the…

Pure Goodness book

Has more than 200 pages of delicious recipes and beautiful lifestyle pictures and is now available on Etsy.

Alt for damerne magazine

I am featured in Alt for damerne, a Danish fashion and lifestyle magazine.

You and your wedding magazine

  Pure Goodness book featured in You and your wedding magazine

Featured in Costume magazine

Ibiza lifestyle in Costume fashion magazine  

Pure Goodness

My lifestyle and recipe book called Pure Goodness is now available! You can buy it online Etsy and Amazon

Pure Goodness @ Passion, San Jose

Passion café by Lana has opened a new “must visit” in San Jose, Ibiza.  Again Lana has crated a beautiful home of health and happiness for the island….

Essential Ibiza

Essential Ibiza have made a lovely feature on my book Pure Goodness and how it all started. This is what they wrote: Words: Olivia Ebeling As a jet-setting…

Diario de Ibiza

Here I am, in the local newspaper with my new book.

Interview with Cover magazine

Talking about beauty products in Cover magazine

Interview with Eurowoman magazine

Talking about lifestyle and summer in Eurowoman magazine.

Interview with Passion magazine

  Talking about health, diets and my new book in Passion magazine.

A scent of lavender

There is nothing better than having my breakfast in the garden and be surrounded by the lovely scent of fresh lavender.

Birth with balance

I was featured on Birth with balance, a lovely blog where interesting women share their stories on motherhood.

Sunny days

Finally spring is turning into summer

KareKare beach

Beautiful memories from Karekare beach in New Zealand

I am back…

So after not being active and updating for about two month, I am back. Back with new pieces of jewelry but also more active on the candida diet…


I took this picture of my daughter jumping and dancing by the sea on our Christmas holiday in New Zealand.  Such a beautiful happy moment full of fun…


  A bit of inspiration! I got the round glasses and almost the same shoes but what I really would love, is those dresses…

Grey days in Ibiza

  Winter has finally arrived in Ibiza and so has the grey days – Photo by Tanja Ting

Blue sky

Flowers stretching for the blue sky – Photo by Tanja Ting

Be free

None but ourselves can free our minds – Bob Marley Photo by Tanja Ting

Month of scorpions

I can’t believe we are in November, the month of scorpions, like myself. Photo – Tanja Ting


Sweet memories of our beloved cat Lily, that sadly pass away this summer – Photo Tanja Ting

Black and white

Black and white by night in sunny Ibiza – Photo Tanja Ting


Delicate flowers by Tanja Ting

Magical ruin

Picture from my morning run, a visit to an old magical ruin in the beautiful ibiza countryside.


Life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you’ve got – Tim Cook  

Yellow beauty

Yellow beauty by Tanja Ting

Ibiza off-road

Nothing better than going off-road in wonderful ibiza.