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Raw chili brownie

Are you ready for something amazing? Then try my raw chili brownie! We are completely hooked, especially my 10 year old son! Base: 1 cup raw almonds 1…

Body scrub

This is really the best scrub ever,  your skin is gonna thank you for this. 1 cup of fine sea salt 1/2 of small grain himalayan salt 3/4…

Lovely silver necklace

Silver necklace with a beautiful Japanese inspired pendant, handmade by Tanja Ting – Available here!

New stick bracelets

Colorful gold-plated stick bracelets on hand-braided polyester strings. Available on Etsy.

New pieces on Etsy

I have a lot of new gold pieces available on Etsy, to have a look click here!

Lovely boho jewelry

Beautiful boho style necklace is now available on my Etsy site

New pieces is now available

There are new pieces available on my Etsy site and in the shop.

New gold necklace with gemstone

Delicate 9 karat gold necklace with a beautiful gemstone, lovely simple and playful design – available in the shop.

Flower child

The new boho collection that will make every flower child smile, will soon be available in the shop. Photos by Tanja Ting

Boho style

Sweet boho style bracelets by Tanja Ting, available at

In the boutique

Available in the shop


My web boutique is now on Pinterest, feel free to follow or share…

Silver branch

Silver branch ring will soon be available in gold as well…

Blood, sweat and tears

So after drilling myself in the finger and having a kids tantrum with lots of blood and drama, I manage to finish my bracelet. 14 karat gold leaf…

@ the workshop

These days I am more busy than ever – I feel so blessed!


My square silver and gold rings are now available in the boutique.

Gemstones on my mind

Typical me…I have so much work that I need to finish and then my mind starts to wander off. Today I have only had gemstones on my mind

Dream Big

So many ideas – So much work to do – Dream Big!

Off to Los Angeles

My sweet darlings are now on a plain to LA! Which means jewellery by Tanja Ting will now be available in Los Angeles as well…have a safe trip…

Black leaf ring

Oxidized silver ring shaped as a leaf by Tanja Ting

Available in Noss

New pieces by Tanja Ting is available in Noss

Almond ring

Almond shaped silver ring by Tanja Ting

Mississppi – Ring

Mississippi – Silver ring with diamonds is now available in the boutique.


Singapore – Light and playful silver necklace with two handmade cubes – now available in boutique.

Kuta gold

Kuta – Simple and beautiful 9 karat gold earrings – Now available in the boutique.

Ankle ring

Happy client with her new ankle piece by TT with silver ring on a string


Silver leaf string bracelet.


Silver ring with a twist…


Asi wearing jewellery byTT


Asi wearing jewellery byTT