Candida food list

As many of you know, I once suffered badly from candida overgrowth. The only way to get rid of this beast is by starving it and that means a giant cleansing. That also means hard work and commitment.  But trust me, it’s  worth it!

Your life and wellbeing is gonna become amazing.

When I started this elimination stage, I had to completely change my diet.

I based my diet on these food lists you can see below and that worked for me!

It took me a little over a month to kill the candida and another two months to restore all the damage the fungus had created.

I have now been candida free for two years.

Candida diet-1 Candida diet-2 Candida diet-3 Candida diet-4 Candida diet-5

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  1. Louise

    Hi Tanja,
    I like your website. I’m suffering from candida overgrowth. May I ask you how you did after one month of Candida Diet ? Did you reintroduce everything you couldn’t eat during the diet or not ? I did a diet such as yours for 1,5 month, and everytime I try cheese, rice, corn … symptoms are coming back…

    • Hi Louise,

      I did the diet for 90 days. It takes about one month to kill the Candida overgrowth and another two months to restore all the damage. When you go back to your normal diet start by add one thing at a time so you can see how your body reacts to the different products. I have been candida free for about 3 years now. I still don’t eat to much wheat or cheese since it makes my stomach a bit funny. Good luck! Regards Tanja

  2. Thank you for all this information Tanja. I have been dealing with Candida for a while and was just diagnosed with it and put on meds but know i need to change my diet to fight this thing. I will give updates in a month to tell you how I’m doing.
    Matt from Indianapolis

    • Hi Matt, I am sorry for my late reply! I hope that you are feeling better and that you are not finding the diet to hard. I will be posting much more on Candida-free facebook page. So please join and get inspired with new recipes. Kind regards Tanja

  3. Kristina

    Hej Tanja! 🙂 Did you get any Kind of nutritional supplement during your diet? And i really wanna know. Did you suffering of a yellow tougue as well?

    Its hard for meget because im laktose intolerant.

  4. Inger Merete Mikkelsen

    Hej Tanja.
    Må jeg spise chilli?
    Det står ikke på din liste!
    Venlig hilsen Inger

  5. Sara Carstensen

    Hej Tanja,
    Når man er på candida kuren, må man så gerne spise linser(røde/grønne) og brune ris?


  6. Sara Carstensen

    Hej Tanja,
    På Candidakuren, må man gerne spise brune ris og linser(grønne/røde)?

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