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I am back…

So after not being active and updating for about two month, I am back. Back with new pieces of jewelry but also more active on the candida diet…

Butterfly necklaces

Hand braided string necklaces with an handmade 14 karat gold butterfly pendant by Tanja Ting – Aivalable here


I took this picture of my daughter jumping and dancing by the sea on our Christmas holiday in New Zealand.  Such a beautiful happy moment full of fun…

Gold feather ring

Handmade feather ring in 14 karat gold by Tanja Ting – Available here

Gold ring with raw gold nugget

  14 karat gold ring with a raw nugget that gives the ring a beautiful raw and organic design  – Available here.


  A bit of inspiration! I got the round glasses and almost the same shoes but what I really would love, is those dresses…

Moon earrings

  New silver moon earrings handmade by Tanja Ting – Available here.

Grey days in Ibiza

  Winter has finally arrived in Ibiza and so has the grey days – Photo by Tanja Ting


Lovely infinity bracelet made in 9 karat gold by Tanja Ting – Available here.

Silver ring with flower leaves

Silver ring with small flower leaves handmade by Tanja Ting – Available here.

Blue sky

Flowers stretching for the blue sky – Photo by Tanja Ting

Gold hoop earrings

Beautiful gold hoop earrings with a delightful organic design – Available here.

Be free

None but ourselves can free our minds – Bob Marley Photo by Tanja Ting

Gold earrings with turquoise stones

Exquisite 9 karat gold earrings with turquoise stones, perfect for day and night. Handmade by Tanja Ting Available here.

Month of scorpions

I can’t believe we are in November, the month of scorpions, like myself. Photo – Tanja Ting

Gold chain bracelet

Gold chain bracelet and gold circle on string by Tanja Ting is available here!


Sweet memories of our beloved cat Lily, that sadly pass away this summer – Photo Tanja Ting

Black and white

Black and white by night in sunny Ibiza – Photo Tanja Ting

Gold chain ring

This precious 9 carat gold ring is made with a beautiful chain and hold together with a small gold circle. Available here


Delicate flowers by Tanja Ting

Paleo bread

  Delicious breakfast or an healthy snack, either way this paleo bread is fantastic on it’s own or like here with fresh figs. 1 cup of almonds 1…

Teardrop rings

Inspired from the rain we had a few weeks ago, silver rings by Tanja Ting. Available here!

Magical ruin

Picture from my morning run, a visit to an old magical ruin in the beautiful ibiza countryside.


Life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you’ve got – Tim Cook  

Simple chain necklace

Beautiful 9 karat gold necklace with two chains by Tanja Ting – Available here!

Yellow beauty

Yellow beauty by Tanja Ting

Cube on hemp cord

Gold-plated cube pendant on hemp cord – Available here!

Ibiza off-road

Nothing better than going off-road in wonderful ibiza.

Soft rose

Beautiful soft rose in it’s finest dress like a princess.

Silver earrings

Teardrop silver earrings by Tanja Ting – Available here!