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You and your wedding magazine

  Pure Goodness book featured in You and your wedding magazine

Featured in Costume magazine

Ibiza lifestyle in Costume fashion magazine  

Mama magazine

Look at my two precious babies in Mama magazine, who made a lovely feature on Healthy living and Pure Goodness.

Menopause Matters

How funny and great is this! Pure Goodness is now featured in the Menopause Matters magazine. Although I’m just 36 and not having my menopause yet, it’s still important to prepare…

Women’s Running magazine

This month Pure Goodness is featured in the Women’s Running magazine.

Triathlon magazine

My yummy goji energy bars are featured in the UK Triathlon magazine. These bars are a great snack for the kids lunch box and they will give you…

Pure Goodness in Angels and Urchins

Happy to be featured in a&u magazine. You can see below what they had to say about my book! Feeling good It’s never too early to get ready…

Diario de Ibiza

Here I am, in the local newspaper with my new book.

Interview with Cover magazine

Talking about beauty products in Cover magazine

Interview with Eurowoman magazine

Talking about lifestyle and summer in Eurowoman magazine.

Interview with Passion magazine

  Talking about health, diets and my new book in Passion magazine.

What inspires Tanja Ting

I had a talk with White Ibiza about my work and what inspires me… You can read the full article here…

Thank you White Ibiza

I am so happy to be featured as no.1 in the new top 5 names to know of Ibiza jewellery! You can see the rest of the article…


Beautiful boho jewelery by Tanja Ting available in the shop.


Today I google my name and to my surprise I found myself mentioned on a few blogs, here is one from Guapizimo, to see full article clikc here!

4 Mini Mes

I just found out that the blog 4 Mini Mes mentioned me in a post…Thank you very much! To see full article click here.

In the heart of Ibiza

White Ibiza came for a visit, to have a talk about family & living in the countryside…in the heart of Ibiza…You can find the full article with lots…

White Ibiza

This week I have my jewellery in White Ibiza

Cover Kids…

This month I am featured with my family in the Danish magazine, Cover Kids, shot by the talented Rasmus Skousen.

White Ibiza…

My gold earrings and leaf bracelets are featured in White Ibiza…

Pacha magazine

This month my gold X ring with 3 diamonds is in the Pacha magazine.