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Raw & organic silver ring

Handmade silver ring with an organic texture available in the shop

A silver ring with a twist

There are new silver rings and hoops available in the shop   

New silver pieces

Busy days in the workshop…New jewellery available on Etsy

Moon earrings

  New silver moon earrings handmade by Tanja Ting – Available here.

Silver ring with flower leaves

Silver ring with small flower leaves handmade by Tanja Ting – Available here.

Teardrop rings

Inspired from the rain we had a few weeks ago, silver rings by Tanja Ting. Available here!

Silver earrings

Teardrop silver earrings by Tanja Ting – Available here!

Small disk earrings

Sweet disk earrings by Tanja Ting, available in silver or gold-plated. For more info click here!

Lovely silver necklace

Silver necklace with a beautiful Japanese inspired pendant, handmade by Tanja Ting – Available here!

Lovely boho jewelry

Beautiful boho style necklace is now available on my Etsy site

New pieces is now available

There are new pieces available on my Etsy site and in the shop.

Beach Collection

Part of the new beach collection is ready to buy on Etsy and there is many more things to come.

What inspires Tanja Ting

I had a talk with White Ibiza about my work and what inspires me… You can read the full article here…

Thank you White Ibiza

I am so happy to be featured as no.1 in the new top 5 names to know of Ibiza jewellery! You can see the rest of the article…

White Ibiza

This week I have my jewellery in White Ibiza

White Ibiza…

My gold earrings and leaf bracelets are featured in White Ibiza…

Boho style

Sweet boho style bracelets by Tanja Ting, available at www.detdet.com


My web boutique is now on Pinterest, feel free to follow or share…


Jewellery by Tanja Ting is now available in KRMA boutique.

Silver branch

Silver branch ring will soon be available in gold as well…


My square silver and gold rings are now available in the boutique.

Off to Los Angeles

My sweet darlings are now on a plain to LA! Which means jewellery by Tanja Ting will now be available in Los Angeles as well…have a safe trip…

Black leaf ring

Oxidized silver ring shaped as a leaf by Tanja Ting

Available in Noss

New pieces by Tanja Ting is available in Noss

Almond ring

Almond shaped silver ring by Tanja Ting

Mississppi – Ring

Mississippi – Silver ring with diamonds is now available in the boutique.

Bracelet byTT

Raw silver bracelet byTT

Silver leaf

Bracelet with silver leaf on a string byTT

Ankle ring

Happy client with her new ankle piece by TT with silver ring on a string


Silver ring with a twist…